Writing Coaching

I’m a writing coach for fiction and nonfiction authors who run the gamut from brand-new writers to seasoned professionals with multiple published works. My clients include entrepreneurs, CEOs, entertainers, psychologists, visual artists, veterans, doctors, parents, retirees, athletes, and many other storytellers. My coaching sessions focus on developmental editing, including considerations such as structure, character and scene development, point of view, dialogue, pacing, voice, themes, and reader takeaways.

Hiring a writing coach may help you:

  • transform a rough and/or incomplete draft of a book into a polished, full-length manuscript that is ready for either traditional publication or self-publication
  • understand all of the structural options available to you
  • ensure that your book has a clear narrative arc
  • developing your most authentic narrative voice
  • increase or reduce your manuscript’s length
  • overcome procrastination by being accountable for producing new material at predetermined intervals
  • streamline your writing process by identifying what kinds of logistical, psychological, and environmental factors help and harm you


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