I have edited more than six hundred books, as well as magazines, advertisements, and catalogs. I have expert knowledge of both The Chicago Manual of Style and AP style, but what fascinates me about this vocation is how much more nuanced the editing process is than any one reference book can summarize. In that spirit, I try always to be keenly sensitive to writers’ individual style and tone, to embrace the ever-evolving nature of language and grammar, and to remember that sometimes rules are meant to be broken.


As a developmental editor, I help book authors organize and analyze their manuscripts from a big-picture perspective, examining elements such as structural issues, plot, point of view, character and scene development, dialogue, unresolved story lines, and narrative voice.


As a copy editor, I make comprehensive line edits to correct grammar, punctuation, and syntax errors; suggestions for reducing wordiness, avoiding language repetition, and improving text flow; and formatting revisions to achieve consistency within a manuscript and adherence to style guidelines.